When Fans Go Too Far


A One Direction fan has claimed to have killed her pet chihuahua, after the boyband failed to follow her on twitter.

The female fan, known as @illumivato, had previously tweeted the personal accounts of all five members of the band saying “Follow me or I’ll break my dog’s neck”. The tweet included an image of her hand around the little dog’s neck, pinning it to the floor.

One Direction have more than fifteen million followers and are inundated with tweets every day, as a result her tweet went unnoticed. After receiving no response, the crazed fan tweeted band member Liam Payne, writing “I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died”. This time the tweet included a picture of herself crying and cradling the apparently dead dog in her arms.

Fans of One Direction have started a change.org petition against the fan and have branded her a “psycho”, some have claimed it’s a fake story. Whether it’s a hoax or a desperate cry for attention, it’s not the first time a fan has done something crazy to win their idols’ attention.

For me, the most creepy has got to be when Kpop sensation Taecyon received a letter from a devoted fan apparently written in menstruation blood. Yes, really. The letter even included a sprinkling of pubic hair.



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