Sex, Drugs & Electronic Dance Music


Last night some of my friends went to the opening of Warehouse Project in Manchester. This morning, after watching the videos with envy and liking their pics on Instagram, I read the sad news that a 30 year-old man had died from a “bad batch” of drugs, thought to be ecstasy and that five other people are now in hospital.

I saw someone I follow on Twitter had re-tweeted “pills are sick! Don’t stop taking them cos one persons died. You don’t stop driving when someone dies in a car crash do ya? F*cking plebs!”. Just after, I read an article about how electronic dance music was the devil and responsible for thousands of drug-related deaths. This got me thinking about both points of view.

Drugs are always going to be available at these kinds of club nights, despite being illegal, but it’s not just at EDM events. Drugs get smuggled into all sorts of clubs and concerts around the world. In fact, drugs and music have been synonymous since the hippy generation. Think Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, only now Rock & Roll has been replaced with dance music. At the same time, the nonchalant attitude of some club goers towards drugs needs to change, people need to be more aware of what they’re taking.

While ecstasy may give you a high so euphoric that you never want to stop dancing, in a world where everyone is amazing and so lovely and you just want to love them, and touch them…You should take into consideration that it is a synthetic drug and you have no way of knowing what it is you’re actually taking. I’m not condoning the use of drugs, but if people are going to take them they should do it in the safest way possible.

Ecstasy was a huge part of rave culture in the 90’s and continues to be today. If you’ve ever been to an EDM event you will have definitely have been asked if you want pills, or if you’re selling some. But bear in mind that there are actually people who attend these events simply because they enjoy the music, minus the mind-altering substances.

It’s clear that the EDM scene has a long way to go to shed its negative image. But no matter what you think about drugs, these events are primarily about the music and aren’t just an excuse to get f*cked.


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